Where can I get 23510 Dental Implants?

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At Konikoff Family Dentistry, we keep pace with the most advanced technology and methods in the field of implant dentistry. Our 23510 dental implants represent a leading-edge solution for the replacement of missing teeth; coming closer than any other method of care to recreating the look, feel and function of natural teeth. As skilled providers of care, our team tailors treatment to meet your individual needs, keeping you informed and at ease throughout every visit.

Millions of people across the United States are living with partial or complete tooth loss.  While losing teeth can take a toll on your oral and overall health, as well as your self-image, with 23150 dental implants, we can help you once again smile and speak with confidence as well as enjoy a varied, nutritious diet. A dental implant is a small surgical post, made of biocompatible materials, which fuses with the jawbone over time to support a customized dental prosthesis. Although after a tooth is lost or extracted, the height and width of the jawbone typically begin to shrink, with a dental implant, the surrounding tissues receive the ongoing stimulation needed to prevent bone loss. By placing an implant supported dental crown, our team can replace a single missing tooth without compromising any adjacent teeth. Implants can also replace multiple missing teeth or a completely edentulous arch, and in such cases will be restored with a fixed bridge or customized overdenture. With the remarkable All-on-4®* and All-on-6 methods of care, we can strategically place a minimal number of implants to support a full arch dental bridge, saving on cost while offering a permanent, stable alternative to traditional dentures.

With 23510 dental implants, the team at Konikoff Family Dentistry can dramatically improve the health, appearance, and function of your smile. We offer state-of-the-art prosthodontics treatment to rebuild the beautiful, complete smile you deserve. To find out if you’re a candidate for treatment with dental implants, call today.

*All-on-4 is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare

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